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5 Reasons You Need A ROAM Rugged Cooler

5 Reasons You Need A ROAM Rugged Cooler

5 Reasons You Need A ROAM Rugged Cooler


All of ROAM's Rugged Coolers are among the most versatile and durable coolers on the market today. You can take it camping, to the lake, or out back just to keep some drinks cool when the buddies get together.

1. Unparalleled Ice Retention

    “First trek out was 5 days. Never had to replace our ice!” - Jeff C. 

    ROAM coolers are manufactured to retain ice just as well, if not better than the top competitors in the space. Manufactured out of LPDE with a military-grade seal, our selection of coolers are not only lightweight, but also well insulated to keep your goods cold for the entirety of your trip, whether it's a day trip to the beach or a 5-day overlanding trip into the backcountry. 
    Check out a customer's review of the 20QT Rugged Drink Tank and 65QT Rugged Cooler. 

    2. Military-Grade Seal

    roam military grade seal for cooler

    We take no shortcuts when it comes to constructing the most durable rugged coolers to ensure they are bombproof just like our cases. All ROAM rugged coolers are equipped with military-grade sealing to ensure that nothing gets in or out on your roadtrips. This weather tight sealing can keep out unwanted dust, while also making sure you don't experience leakage from your cooler. 

    3. Down Channel System

    We built these coolers for adventure and to ensure that they stay safe wherever the road may take you all of our coolers include tie down channels on the side. A simple ratchet strap or rope easily slides through the hole and allows you to secure your rugged cooler to the bed of your vehicle. Our tie down channels guarantee safe transportation no matter how rough the road gets. 

    4. Pressure Release System & Drain Plug

    roam cooler drain plugs and pressure valve
    Every ROAM rugged cooler is built with a pressure release valve and drain plug. We believe the ability to drain excess water with is an essential component of a long-lasting cooler. In addition, drain plugs make cleaning easy. If you find water isn't draining quick enough, hit the pressure release valve with the drain plug open to increase pace of drainage. 

    5. Bottle Opener & Detachable Cup Holder

    roam cooler cup holder
    We didn’t forget about beverage storage when designing this cooler. We’ve got you covered with a detachable cup holder and a built-in bottle opener. 

    6. Removable Storage Basket

    storage basket for Roam rugged cooler

    We know how annoying it is when items get soaked when the ice melts. Or maybe you have food that you don't want in contact with the ice. Either way, we've equipped you with a storage basket to ensure compartmentalization of goods with your cooler. 

    Find the perfect ROAM Rugged Cooler for your next day trip or overlanding adventure. 


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