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How To Install Your Roam Roof Top Tent

How To Install Your Roam Roof Top Tent

Installing Your ROAM Roof Top Tent 

In this video, we will show you how to install the Vagabond ROAM Adventure Co. roof top tent. You will use the same process for all ROAM Roof Top Tents.

Let's Get Started. 


In Your ROAM Package: 

  • Your Tent
  • 2 Mounting Aluminum Cross-Rail Extrusions
  • Telescoping Ladder
  • Window Bars 
  • Gear Hammock 
  • 2 Boot Bags 
  • Optional: Annex + Annex Bag 

In Your Hardware Bag: 

  • 4 Hardware Mounts w/ 4 Mounting Channels 
  • 2 Wrench Tools + L Wrench
  • 8 Vehicle Hardware Mounts w/ 8 Mounting Channels 
  • 2 Ladder Mounting Brackets
  • 10 Ground Stakes 
  • 3 Tether Lines

Step 1: Unpack Your Roof Top Tent

  1. Unhook the straps on your roof top tent. There are 2 straps on either end of the tent. 
  2. Fold open the tent. Be gentle with this process and make sure it unfolds on a flat, sturdy base. 
  3. Navigate to the side with the rainfly and undo the toggles at the corners. 
  4. Unzip the windows to get inside and grab the hardware. 

Step 2: Mount Your Extrusion Rails To Tent Base

  1. Locate the side of the tent with 4 holes and remove the rubber covers, so you can pass the hardware through. 
  2. Take 1 aluminum cross-rail extrusions and locate the 2 holes. Align these 2 holes with the 2 holes on the base of the tent. 
  3. Use your M-6 hardware with the washers and install the extrusion to the base of the tent. 
  4. Repeat these steps for the second extrusion rail. 
  5. Remove the rubber cover off the end of one of the sides of each extrusion rail to expose the channel. 
  6. Locate the nut attached to the hardware and slide this into the channel and align it with the hole.
  7. Take one of the M-6 bolts with the washer and pass it in-between the anti-condensation mat and the bed base. Thread it into the visible nut located in the extrusion channel rail. 
  8. Now with all the hardware in, tighten up the bolts with your wrench tool. 

Step 3: Install The Gear Hammock 

  1. Flip the tent over and locate the side with the metal D-rings. Note that the gear hammock has clips on all 4 ends that will attach to these D-rings. 

Step 4: Ladder Installation

  1. To install the ladder brackets to the tent, first locate the 4 holes with tape over them. They will be located close to where you just put your gear hammock. 
  2. Remove the tape. 
  3. Align the two holes in one of the ladder bracket with 2 holes in the tent base.
  4. Use the longer bolts with a washer and pass them up into the tent base through the window entry. 
  5. Repeat these steps for the second ladder bracket. 
  6. Confirm everything is hand tight and then grab the ladder. 
  7. Before installing the ladder, make sure that the mounting brackets are facing such that the flat side of the bracket is going to lie on the base side of the roof top tent. 
  8. Locate the spacer and ensure it is seated between the ladder and the bracket. 
  9. Pass the bolt through with no washer. Then add your washer and nut. Note, hand tight is good for now. 
  10. Repeat these steps on the other side of the ladder. 
  11. Using the wrenches, snug up the short bolts. Then, go through and tighten the 4 bolts mounting to the base. 
  12. Align the ladder with the fabric loop and velcro it tight. 

Step 5: Install The Boot Bags

  1. Locate your boot bags and find the cord at the top of one of your boot bags. 
  2. Locate the channel on the base of the roof top tent. 
  3. Feed the cord of the boot bag through the channel on the base of the tent. 

Step 6: Install The Road Cover Zippers 

  1. First thing to do is replace the straps you took off in the first step. 
  2. Remove the lower half of the road cover by undoing the zipper completely. 
  3. Locate the side with the zipper start and feed the cord on the zipper through the left-hand hinge side of the roof top tent. 
  4. Pull the zipper until you reach the very end. Do the same process for the second road cover zipper. 

Step 7: Install The Road Cover 

  1. Locate the end of the road cover with the chord. 
  2. Feed the cord through the channel on the bottom side of the base of the hinge side. 
  3. Throw the cover over the top of the tent. 
  4. Once you have the 4 corners of the tent cover aligned, zip it up. 

Step 8: Add Webbing To Buckles

  1. There are 8 buckets on the parameter of the cover that will need to be clasped. Ensure all buckets are fastened correctly and tightly. 

 If you find yourself having any issues with installing your roof top tent or have questions, reach out to for help. 

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