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All ROAM roof top tents are compatible with almost all Jeep vehicle models, making them the perfect purchase for any overlanding adventure.

Jeeps have long been one of the best-selling overland vehicles in the US, known for their rugged design, idolized off-road toughness, and affordable price range.
Whether you drive a Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, XJ, or JL, owning a Jeep can provide you access to new, untouched terrain. That's one of the reasons the Jeep community is so strong. Built for off-road access, these vehicles are prepared for everything from multi-day trips through the desert to winter trips in the backcountry. And, they are one of the best vehicles to pair with a ROAM rooftop tent. 

ROAM Vagabond XL RTT With Annex

Roam Vagabond XL Rooftop Tent

The ROAM Vagabond XL Roof Top Tent features a 3" high density foam, anti-condensation mat for the best quality roof top tent sleep experience. Its 72” x 96” x 52” dimensions make it spacious for the whole family, complemented by dual sunroofs for expansive views of the night time sky. 

This tent is prepared for battling inclement weather with its reinforced 280g ripstop poly/cotton fabric shell and 600D PU-coated diamond rip stop rainflies. Add in the annex and you have a spacious, waterproof roof top tent experience for every camping trip. Not to mention, the pack time for ROAM tents is quick and easy to make your camping experience seamless. 

Jeep Wrangler with Roam Vagabond XL Roof Top Tent and Annex

ROAM Vagabond RTT

Vagabond Rooftop Tent

The ROAM Vagabond Roof Top Tent includes all the same amenities as the Vagabond XL with a smaller footprint ideal for 2-3 people. The structure is robust with waterproof fabric and a 1" internal aluminum frame. Unlike other soft-shell rooftop tents, ROAM's Vagabond rooftop tent includes a porch window and skylight windows with rainfly so that you can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about rain finding its way into your sleeping quarters.   

ROAM Vagabond Rooftop Tent On Jeep Gladiator

No matter the Jeep you drive or where you are taking it for your next adventure, ROAM has you covered with the most durable and comfortable rooftop tents. Trying to be a minimalist? Well, we have you covered with the Vagabond Lite Rooftop Tent fit for two.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about choosing the right rooftop tent for your Jeep, reach out to us at

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