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How To Install Your ROAM Lid Organizer

How To Install Your ROAM Lid Organizer
Setting Up Your ROAM Lid Organizer
In this video, we will show you how to setup the ROAM Lid Organizer in 4 easy steps. 


Let's Get Started. 


Step 1: Getting the Hardware

  1. First, locate the side of the organizer with the ROAM Logo.
  2. Unzip the logo pocket and you’ll find 12 screws and 2 velcro straps
  3. Note: You will need a 4MM Allen key for the instal 

Step 2: Installing The Organizer By Hand

  1. Open Your ROAM Rugged case  and align the pocket with the ROAM logo on the organizer to the bottom of the rugged case
  2. Once aligned, go through by hand and tighten a screw through each hole in the organizer to ensure a snug fit. 


Step 3: Tightening 

  1. Once the organizer is installed into the case and everything is aligned, go back with a 4MM Allen key and snug everything up

If you find yourself having any issues with setting up your roof top tent or have questions, reach out to for help. 

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