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How To Set Up Your ROAM Awning Room

How To Set Up Your ROAM Awning Room

Setting Up Your ROAM Awning Room

In this video, we will show you how to setup the ROAM Awning Room in 4 easy steps. 
Let's Get Started. 

Step 1: Attach Awning Room To Awning Channel

1. First, locate the side of the awning room without a zipper. This side is the back of the awning room. 
2. Carefully slide the side into the extrusion channel of your roof top awning. 

Step 2: Locate the Zipper Side of Awning Room 

1. Unzip the zipper side of your awning room completely. 
2. Slide this piece into the extrusion channel on the front of the awning. 
2. Be sure that the zipper is facing towards your vehicle and the flap is out. 

Step 3: Zip Awning Room To Awning

1. Take your awning room and zip it to the front of the awning where you just attached the zipper side to the extrusion. 
2. Unzipping before sliding into the extrusion channel allows for a smoother and safer slide into the channel. 
3. Note, if you don't remove zipper before install, you are likely to rip the fabric.

Step 4: Velcro the Awning Straps 

1. Start with the velcro straps on the support arms. 
2. Now move to the awning legs. 
3. Always stake down your awning room 
4. Be sure that all 7 points are secured.
If you find yourself having any issues with setting up your roof top tent or have questions, reach out to for help. 

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