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How To Setup Your ROAM Roof Top Tent

How To Setup Your ROAM Roof Top Tent

Setting Up Your ROAM Roof Top Tent

In this video, we will show you how to setup the ROAM Vagabond Roof Top Tent in 7 easy steps. This set up process will be the same for the Vagabond Lite and Vagabond XL Roof Top Tents. 

Let's Get Started. 



Step 1: Find A Roughly Level Area

1. No one likes to sleep on un-level terrain. 

Step 2: Unclip All 8 Road Cover Buckles

Step 3: Unzip The Road Cover 

1. Be careful around the corners and make sure to avoid snagging any fabric. 

2. To get it out of your way, you can either roll it up or remove the road cover completely. Your preference. 

Step 4: Undo All Straps

1. Undo all 4 Compression Straps. This is the most important part. If you don't do this, it can harm the product. 

2. Undo the 2 ladder hold-down straps. 

Step 5: Extend The Ladder Completely

1. Be sure that the hinge areas are cleared. 

2. Make sure the ladder is fully locked and roughly 15 degrees before climbing inside. Please make sure the ladder is set up correctly as majority of the tent load falls on the ladder. 

Step 6: Install The Porch Bar (Vagabond and Vagabond XL Only**) 

1. Be sure to always stake down your porch. 

Step 7: Input Window Bars or Rollup Windows 

1. You can either roll-up your window awnings or you can use the window bars. 
2. You can take down the rainfly can be removed through the sunroof. 



If you find yourself having any issues with setting up your roof top tent or have questions, reach out to for help. 

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