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Top 5 Free Places To Roof Top Tent in Moab

Top 5 Free Places To Roof Top Tent in Moab

The 5 Best Places to ROAM in Moab For Free

Check out our list of the top 5 best free places to camp in Moab, UT with a rooftop tent. 

roam vagabond rooftop tent in moab, utah

Moab, Utah. The mecca for overlanding, off-roading, mountain biking, and everything in between. If you haven't had a chance to experience Mars, this is the next best place. Home to some of the most epic sunsets, desert highways, and terrain in the country. And, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a ton of it is free to roam on.  

We've compiled a list of our 5 favorite free spots to ROAM roof top tent. We would love to hear more about yours. Drop a comment below. 

1) Porcupine Rim 

Overlooking Castle Valley nearly 2000ft below your feet, Porcupine Rim is one of the best places to camp in Moab. Situated on the legendary Porcupine Rim section of the Whole Enchilada mountain bike trail, the area has some of the most desired views in Moab. The perfect spot to set up your ROAM rooftop tent. 

Located 50 minutes outside of downtown Moab, it's a scenic drive alongside mesa ridges to the campground.


1) From town, you will want to take South Mill Creek Drive. Accessed next to the famous burger and shakes spot known as Milts.

2) From South Mill Creek Drive, you will continue until you hit Sand Flats Road which will come up right before the Community Recycling Center. 

3) Stay on Sand Flats Road for just under 11 miles. 

4) There will be a fork at mile 11 on Sand Flats Road. Take a right and continue on Sand Flats Road for 2.3 miles. 

5) Sand Flats Road will end and become Forest Road 4632 and Forest Road 0067. Take a left on Forest Road 4632 and continue on this for .5 miles. 

6) You will reach a dead end with multiple dispersed camping spots and an incredible view of the valley. It's worth the journey. 

2) Willow Springs 

Willow Springs is known as one of the best spots for free dispersed car camping, RVing, and of course roof top tenting in Moab with the easy access from town and the National Parks. It's the camping spot to always keep in your back pocket on crowded weekends or if other destinations are full. While it's the most easily accessible camping you will find in Moab, it's can also get crowded and a bit noisy at night. 

With over 2 miles of dispersed camping off Willow Springs Road, there is almost guaranteed to be a spot for you. You may have to drive off the road a bit, but you will find one. Willow Springs has beautiful views of the mesas and awesome views of the stars at night. At the same time, it can tend to get pretty dusty and windy, so be prepared to have sand everywhere. There isn't any shade available either, so prepare for this. 

Willow Springs Road is located just 25 minutes from downtown Moab. 


1) Head northwest on US-191 N for 14 miles. 

2) Take a right onto Willow Springs Trail/BLM 378

3) Mineral Point/BLM 340

A great spot to roam if you are planning to stay around Canyonlands or Dead Horse outside of Moab. Mineral Point/BLM 340 is home to some of the best hiking in the region. Trust us, it will not disappoint. You can experience great views of the canyon and valleys. Located just 30 minutes outside of downtown Moab, it's a place worth visiting. 

The roads to access Mineral Point dispersed camping are in pretty good condition, but we recommend you have 4-wheel drive and good clearance to access this area. 


1) From Moab, get on US-191N and follow for 11 miles. 

2) At mile 11, turn left onto UT-313W and continue for .9 miles. 

3) From here you will turn onto BLM 340. This will take you to the Horsethief Campground. 

4) To access the dispersed camping, continue on BLM 340 just beyond Horsethief Campground and you will begin to see areas to camp. Note, there are fire rings you can use to help navigate where the dispersed camping is available.  

4) Lone Mesa 

The perfect place to roam between Arches and Canyonlands. This area has amazing views of open space, mesas and bluffs that will blow you away. And, the sunsets are some of the best you will find in Moab. 

The Lone Mesa area tends to be a bit less trafficked than other BLM spots as the roads can be intimidating to newcomers. The main access road is in good condition and well maintained. You will want to be careful of some deep rivets in the road that may appear. Make sure to scope the road before entering some sections. Most vehicles shouldn't have a problem getting to the dispersed camping. 

Located 30 minutes from downtown Moab, Lone Mesa is the ideal BLM land for accessing both Canyonlands and Arches. Famous for some of the best places to pop up the ROAM roof top tent. 


1) From town head northwest on US-191 N for 11 miles. 

2) Turn left onto UT-313W and continue for 8.5 miles. You will continue on this road, passing the Lone Mesa Group Site.  

3) At mile 8.5 you will come to the junction of BLM 137/Dubinky Well Rd and Hey Joe Canyon Safari Rte / BLM 140. They are not marked, so pay attention to the map. Note: You can camp on either BLM 137 or BLM 140 roads. 

4) Continue down either of these roads to scout your place to ROAM. Enjoy the views. 


5) Manti-LaSal

Last on our list of favorite places to roam is Manti-LaSal National Forest. Straying away from the desert heat, the La-Sals give you the best combination of both snow-capped mountains and deep canyon views. 

While you have to pay a bit more attention to weather patterns when entering Manti-LaSal National Forest, this area is cooler than Moab and can give you a break from the desert heat. 

Located just under 40 minutes from downtown Moab, it's an ideal place to camp if you looking for less crowds and more solitude. There are so many options for dispersed camping in this area. It's really up to you which area you want to experience. 

For us, we find new places to go just off of Geyser Pass Road. When entering the National Forest, it's always a good idea to check the weather beforehand. This area is often more prone to rapid weather changes. 


1) From Moab, get on US-191 South and drive for 10.6 miles. 

2) At mile 10.6 you will take a left onto an a dirt road for 1.1 miles. If you look up at the mountains you can make out a faint road pass that curves up the canyon. 

3) After 1.1 miles, you will see Geyser Pass Rd/La Sal Loop Rd. Take a right on this road and continue on for 5 miles. 

4) Once you reach 5 miles, the road continues on and you are able to access the BLM dispersed camping. The roads are in good condition, but be mindful of inclimate weather when entering the forest as it can make the journey difficult. 

That's A Wrap

Well, you have heard about some of our favorite places to roam in Moab. Let's hear about yours, but don't give away the secret spots. Keep those for yourself to enjoy with your ROAM roof top tent and ROAM gear. 

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